30 LED 4″ Round Lumos Light I-Series (BACK-UP) – White LED/CLEAR Lens


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-Polycarbonate lens sonically sealed to housing to prevent moisture intrusion.
-Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.
-Energy efficient solid-state circuit board engineered for 12V DC -systems.
-Feature 30 super bright single function SMD type LEDs.
-Special reflective design on center, unique effect when powered on.
-Rear plastic housing with 3-pin female contact terminal (only 2 pins are functional).
-Recommends use with 2-pin male connector plug, (not included).
-Recommend mount with rubber push-in grommet, (not included).
-Amperage draw when on: 0.2A.
-IP67 water resistant rating.

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Weight 2 lbs