Garmin Alpha inReach 200i Handheld Multi Dog Trainer and Tracker


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Track and train your dogs with the Alpha 200i system, featuring inReach® technology1, a sunlight-readable 3.5” capacitive touchscreen and user-friendly, six-button design2.

Monitor up to 20 dogs with your compatible dog collars from up to 9 miles with a 2.5-second update rate. Keep inactive dogs in your dog list, and manage active groups so you don’t have to add and remove dogs for every hunt. Pair with your TT™ 15 tracking and training collars. Optional display of public land boundaries on topographical maps helps you know that you’re venturing where you’re supposed to be. See each dog’s daily hunting patterns, distance and speed so you can monitor performance and help prevent overheating. Pair with your compatible Garmin dog collar (sold separately).

Use dedicated buttons for fast training cues and minor adjustments in the field.

Issue different levels of audible tone or vibration commands for quick adjustments to individual dogs when used with a compatible training enabled collar.

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