KW LED Interior Projector Dome Cab & Sleeper Lighting Kit – 6-Color Auxiliary LED


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-ALL-IN-ONE Interior Cab & Sleeper Lighting Kit
-6 Colors in 1 Light
-Kit Includes 2 x TLED-IK60, 3 x TLED-IK70
-OE Replacement #P54-1203-100 | OE Replacement #P54-1194-100
-Color Changing Switch with Memory Recall
-Easy Installation – Plug ‘n’ Play
-Clear Lens
-3 Year Warranty
-Sold as a Kit
-Designed to Fit: TLED-IK60: Kenworth Models with OE Part #P54-1203-100 | TLED-IK70: Kenworth Models with OE Part #P54-1194-100
-Function: Interior
-Color: White / Blue / Red / Amber / Green / Purple
-Diodes: 11 Diodes | 14 Diodes
-Operating Voltage (V): 12 Volts
-Lens Material: Polycarbonate
-Waterproof Rating: IP20 Rating

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Weight 5 lbs