Long Haul Series Mattress 42 X 80 x 10


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Long Haul Series Mattress 42 X 80 x 10

Heavy Duty Semi Truck Mattress
For those in-the-know, 100% natural, organic latex is the best mattress material, outperforming all others. Minimizer took the latex mattress a step further when they designed one specifically for professional, over-the-road truck drivers. Minimizer’s Tested and Tortured™ process ensures the best night’s sleep, adding adjustability and durability to the standard offering. Minimizer knows how to #RespectTheDriver.

Drivers not only deserve, but need, a good night’s rest.

Minimizer’s NEW Long Haul Series Mattress is the perfect combination of resilience and luxurious comfort. A professional driver needs the proper support and pressure point relief to get a good night’s rest. With this mattress, you’ll sleep better at night and wake up feeling well-rested.

Studies show that sleep quality is even more important than sleep quantity in protecting good physical, mental and emotional health in people of all ages. A body contouring mattress that helps keep the spine aligned is also helpful for people with chronic back pain.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 80 × 15 in

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