Renegade Metal Polish Kit


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Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kit:

The Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kits has everything you need to restore your rig and give it a show-quality shine. This kit will help you remove scratches and swirls while working to restore your polished metal surfaces. If you are passionate about keeping your rig shiny and in the best shape possible, Team Renegade has the kit for you. Simply put, you might be putting thousands of miles in on the road, but this kit will help keep your rig from showing it.

Designed for:
Big Rigs
Brings shine back to metal surfaces and components
Lessens the appearance of swirls and scratches on metal surfaces
Metal Polishing & Big Rig Restoration Kit Includes:
One (1) 12 Ounce bottle of Renegade Red Liquid Metal Polish
One (1) 9″ Orange Airway Buffing Wheel (With center plate)
One (1) 9″ Yellow Airway Buffing Wheel (With center plate)
One (1) 9″ Surface Prep Buff and Blend Disc (2-Ply) (Medium Cut)
One (1) 9″ Satin Airway for Angle Grinder (With center plate)
One (1) bar Brown Tripoli Polishing Compound
One (1) bar Green Rouge Polishing Compound
Safety Flanges for Buffing and Polishing
One (1) 2″ Cone Polishing Pad
One (1) 2″ Mushroom Scuff Pad with Shank
Ten (10) 5″ Hook & Loop Sanding Disks (400 Grit)
Two (2) Premium Microfiber Round Pads

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Weight 5 lbs