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Renegade EZ Red Sprayable Metal Polish 24oz


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Renegade’s EZ Red Sprayable Metal Polish is designed to bring shine and luster back to your polished surfaces with a convenient spray formula that you can use on-the-go. Use Renegade EZ Red when you pull up to a meet, cruise, or a show-and-shine.

The fine abrasives give you a show-quality finish by removing light haze, imperfections, and water spots. It’s perfect for polishing diamond plate as well, because the easy-to-spray formula won’t cake up or harden, but will still cut through those surface contaminants. The cleaning agents and sealants will leave your metal surfaces bright, clean, and protected between more intensive machine polishing sessions.

Pro Tip: Apply a protective coating such as  Renegade Hydro Guard Ceramic Spray or  Graphene + Ceramic Spray Coating to protect your newly polished wheels and tanks and to help prolong their shine.

How to use Renegade EZ Red Sprayable Metal Polish:

To maximize results, make sure that the surface to be polished has been thoroughly cleaned with  Renegade Savage APC (All-Purpose Cleaner) or  Renegade NOtorious H20 Waterless Wash or prepare the surface by removing surface contaminants.


Step 1

Apply Renegade EZ Red Sprayable Metal Polish to a  Premium Microfiber Round Pad or Premium Microfiber Towel, work it into the surface thoroughly, and let dry for about 30 seconds until a haze develops.

Step 2

Use a clean microfiber towel to remove the polish.

Pro tip:

We recommend using linear motions that follow the mill lines of the surface you are polishing.


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