Serta Sleeper Mattress With Cool Action Gel Memory Foam




You will never leave your truck with this Serta gel mattress. Made by Bostrom Seating, this 7″ thick gel mattress will make you feel at home. 30 day test trial. Don’t like it in 30 days send it back and they will handle it all!

Available Size Options: 32″ x 80″ / 36″ x 80″ / 39″ x 80″ / 42″ x 80″

The Bostrom+Serta 7-Series truck mattresses bring a new level of comfort to the truck mattress options you have to choose from. Designed to deliver a better nights sleep in the cab through luxurious support, pressure point relief, and ultimate weight distribution. This memory foam mattress also has an exclusive feature you cannot find anywhere else, Serta Cool Action gel memory foam.

The “blue” foam top layer is designed to deliver the benefits of standard memory foam plus provide heat dissipation. Traditional memory foams can trap heat near the body as you sleep, leading to potential sleep disruption. The Serta Cool Action gel memory foam helps pull that heat away providing a comfortable sleeping surface that helps keep you from becoming too warm. Great sleep is required to keep you running. Its time you maintained the most important part of your truck, you.

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Mattress Size

32" x 80", 36" x 80", 39" x 80", 42" x 80"

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