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Train Horn Compressor Tank


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Train Horn Compressor Tank

This single unit comes pre-wired and pre-plumbed for your convenience. The compressor is mounted to the tank using heavy duty vibration isolators to help insure quiet operation and the tank recharges from 110 to 145 PSI in just over a minute! With such robust yet compact performance the Viair 20005 has proven itself perfect for mobile pneumatic applications such as powering air horns, inflating tires, or even using air tools.

The unit comes with a pressure switch, safety blow-off valve, drain cock, and a 14in compression fitting. All you need to do is supply power and the unit automatically builds up to 145 PSI and turns off. When you drop below 110 PSI the compressor will kit back on and recharge your air supply.

This air source comes preassembled as seen in the photo above. All tank fittings are installed, and the compressor is ready to be fired up!(Note: Tank mounted air compressors are not fully sealed.  For this reason, the manufacturer recommends the tank/compressor system be mounted in the upright position in an enclosed space away from moisture, dirt, debris, etc…)


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Weight 30 lbs
Package Dimensions 20 × 30 × 40 in